Saturday, September 6, 2014

Between Shades of Gray Summary

Between Shades of Gray

    between-shades-of-gray.jpg (414×600)  Between Shades of Gray is about a girl named Lina, from Lithuania. The story is about a girl and her family getting kidnapped by the N.K.V.D. They are sent to a work camp. The work camp makes life hard for them. They have very little to eat, and sometimes have to eat trash. They are worked to death.
        Lina is an artist. She had to draw Kolkhoz's portrait in exchange for three cigarettes. Then she was made to draw the commander's portrait, and when she went to get paid this time, the officers threw food at her and her brother. The N.K.V.D. wanted everyone to sign a paper saying that they had to stay there for twenty-five years, and wouldn't let kids go to school unless their parents sign the paper.  Lina became good friends with Andrius. His mother was forced to be a spy for the N.K.V.D. Life was hard for everyone at the work camp.                                                                     I thought the book was very good overall. I think the message of the story is very relatable to what could happen again with the was the world is going. It's books like this that show us we have it good compared to them.